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“The purpose of our society is not for the few of maximum strength and ambition to lead lives of Byzantine glory, but for men to make the most of their common humanity.
We are pledged to a general diffusion of culture, of independence, and self-respect and the means to a good life.” – Dr. Smith Boughton, alias “Big Thunder”.

Its been over four years since NY put natural gas development on hold and what have we to show for it, , more delays, an increase in the poverty rate, tax sales on properties and higher unemployment. NY landowners are being deprived of their constitutional right to develop their resources, being denied jobs and NY State is missing out on much needed income. The science that the governor promise he would use to determine whether or not natural gas development happens has turned political. There are 38 states that enjoy the benefits of natural gas development but NY is not one of them nor will it be in the near future if the anti gas development groups get their way.

These groups are a well organized and highly financed minority special interest using paid employees for lobbying in Albany and they have seemed to gain the ear of the governor. They have used misrepresentation and fear to drive this discourse even though the science says otherwise and our rights as landowner are being trampled because of it. We the majority has come to the point where having patiently waited for 4+ years for Albany to decide has come to the end of our rope. Without development many landowners and farmers in particular will languish, losing their farms and lands to the sheriff?s sale, land that in some cases has been in families for generations.

Its time we the landowners come to the realization that the few who have advocated for the many is just not enough. Its time for majority to show Governor Cuomo that we are a silent political force to be reckoned with, that we will not allow the minority with their misrepresented information to dictate what we can do with our land when science is on our side. The time has come to show Albany and our politicians that the silent majority will not be silent anymore, we will be heard.

This rally is one of the most important events to come along since the Anti-Rent Wars in the 1840?s, our last chance to be heard, and a chance to show governor Cuomo that we do matter and we vote, and will not be denied our rights as tax paying landowners anymore.

The delay announced by the DEC is just another ploy to placate these anti development groups and with it dashing the hopes for a better economic life for our children and dreams of financial security, jobs and an end to economic hardship for local residents and landowners who have lived in poverty for far to long, being denied the economic opportunity afforded others.

Will we sit back and let a small group of well funded anti-drilling groups control our destiny or will we stand up in mass at Albany and let the governor know that we will be heard and will not allow our rights to be trampled?

And for those PA property owners who are in the Delaware River Basin and think their not effected, as NY goes so goes the DRBC.

Join us for the Truth and Energy Rally on October 15, a rally for landowners to be heard and our rights respected for a cleaner energy tomorrow.
– Fred Peckham

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